Video Tool

We edit
your team's videos

Once all the sequences have been filmed, we edit your videos Professional editors are waiting for your team’s sequences

Offline mode :
Our download reader app

Many times, connectivity is an issue on the floor of the plant—but we need access !

safety reminders
made by your teams

Accidents & tracking

your account will allow you to easily access the training history of any employee injured on the job to determine if a lack of training contributed to the incident.

fast payment option (your needs are immediate)

Video Tool credit is a fast payment option. Our tool is an on-demand training system. But payment processes take time— a lot of time. Yet your needs are often immediate.

easy-to-update videos
evolve with you

Video tutorials gives you functional autonomy

Usually, you first need to learn how to use your learning tool. And yet we know from our in-plant experience that this is time you never have. Our solution?

Cross-platform use :
anyone can use it

Video Tool apps are designed with smartphones in mind. For maximum flexibility, the Video Tool Director and Reader mobile apps work cross-platform. It is also compatible with iOS tablets and some Android tablets (depending on the version).


You can adapt the tool’s access levels and roles to your organization’s needs. It can be adjusted for sectors, countries, areas of operation, or even specific plants. Simplified registration process: simply appoint a person of your choice in any plant to proceed with registration